Backyard Scrap Metal Classification: Know What You Can Recycle and Earn Money From

Blog | April 17th, 2019

Recycling scrap metal is an excellent way to earn extra money today. Not only do we understand the need to keep metals out of landfills, but we also know that manufacturers and others save on purchasing second-hand metals for their own purposes. Manufacturers remake the scraps into new products. Car owners save money on car repairs by buying used metal parts off scrap vehicles. These are just two examples of the new life scrap metals can have after the recycling process takes place. If you are unsure of what you can recycle in the way of metal scraps, we offer you the following guide to backyard scrap metal classification.

Use a Magnet to Separate Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals

While both of these types of metals are recyclable, it helps to divide them into their specific categories. Also, non-ferrous metals typically are worth a bit more than ferrous metals. Magnets will stick to non-ferrous metals, such as bronze, certain grades of stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper while the will not stick to iron, certain grades of stainless steel, steel and other ferrous metals. When you have both types of metals to recycle, be certain to turn to a recycler that will buy either one from you.

A List of the Types of Metals That You May Have at Your Home

1. Copper can be found in pipes, décor items, cookware, electronic wiring and more. However, since some copper is covered by other elements, such as paint or insulation, you need to know that bare copper brings in a bit more money than the other forms.

2. Steel is one of the most recyclable metals in the world due to its high reuse in manufacturing. Vehicles, shelving, cables and other elements are place where you can find this metal.

3. Stainless Steel can be both magnetic and non-magnetic depending upon its grade. Household items that contain this metal include appliances, sinks, countertops, trays and possibly bakeware.

4. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is another commonly recycled metal. The largest source for this metal is your soda cans, but you also can find it in foil wraps for food, window and door frames, parts of air conditioning units, aluminium cookware and some appliances may contain this metal.

5. Lead is a toxic heavy metal that is recyclable. It comes in vehicle batteries and old plumbing along with other elements.

6. Brass is another money maker with recycling. Door knobs, hinges, tapware and light fixtures are just some of the household goods that are a source for this metal.

For further information about the backyard scrap metal classifications that can help you earn money recycling, contact Melbourne Metal Recycling. We buy all of the above plus other metals and items from all who care to recycle.