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Aluminium Extrusions And Sheeting: Scrap Metals That Can Give You Cash In Return

  • 11 May 2023
  • by

Aluminium recycling is an environmentally friendly habit that you should develop if you have not done so already. Not only will you prevent this metal from being wasted in landfills, but you also can put some money in your pocket by taking this action. While you might be highly familiar with the recyclability of aluminium cans, you might not know that you also are able to recycle other items made with aluminium sheeting or aluminium extrusions.

Recycling Aluminium Saves Energy on Processing Raw Materials

When manufacturers can use recycled aluminium in place of processing new, they can save about 95% on energy cost. This is due to the fact that they do not have to process raw materials to make the aluminium. Also, they leave less of a carbon footprint.

What are Aluminium Extrusions?

The extrusion process for aluminium transforms this metal alloy into various shapes that have a wide assortment uses. This process reveals the true strengths and benefits of this metal for construction and manufacturing purposes. Pieces of aluminium extrusions can be found in structural components of buildings, doors, windows, signs, marine products, vehicles, electronics, bridges and more. When these items are beyond their usefulness or there are unneeded extrusion pieces left over, this is the time to recycle this type of aluminium rather than waste it in the landfill. You might be wondering why we state this so emphatically, and the answer is that aluminium can be reused for new products.

What is Aluminium Sheeting?

Sheeting is made by passing aluminium through rollers that place sufficient pressure on it to flatten it into sheets of a thickness of between 0.2032 mm and 6.35 mm. Manufacturers can choose to thin out these sheets further to make foil, which is less than 0.2032-mm thick. Also, when sheeting is thicker than 6.35 mm, it is called plate. The aluminium sheets or sheeting is used in vehicle body parts, airplane skins, cans and other packaging, building facades and more. Plate is so durable that it is used for storage tanks just for one example, and all of us are familiar with aluminium foil.

Where to Recycle Aluminium Sheeting and Extrusions in Melbourne

It is important to seek out the right company to deal with in order to receive the top prices for your scrap aluminium extrusions and sheeting. Our company, Melbourne Metal Recycling, is reputable and pays the current “in” prices for this scrap each day. We also recycle many other types of scrap metals along with a variety or items.

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