Collecting Recyclable Beverage Cans: An Unusual Hobby That Provides Profit

Blog | April 2nd, 2019

Today, people are choosing to participate in hobbies that bring them financial gains instead of ones that just use up their time in an enjoyable fashion. One unusual hobby that more and more Australians are participating in for this purpose is collecting recyclable beverage cans to sell to recyclers for extra cash. Most beverage cans are aluminium, which is highly reusable in manufacturing new products. Soda and beer are two examples of the types of beverages that come packaged in this type of can, so you can imagine how many of these cans are available for collecting and recycling.

Aluminium Beverage Cans Still Wind up in Landfills

Even with people collecting and recycling these can more than ever before, approximately one billion of them still get dispose of them in landfills every year. This adds up to millions of dollars that no one earned by recycling.

Recycling Aluminium Cans Helps Manufacturers Save Money Producing Their Products

Manufacturers are in constant search of how to save money creating new products for the market. Using recycled aluminium from cans saves them a large amount of not only money but also resources and energy during their various processes.

You Earn Money from Collecting and Recycling Beverage Cans

It is easy to start collecting recyclable beverage cans since you begin with the products that you purchase each week. Just do not throw out your beverage cans but place them in a recycle bin. Some people crush the cans to save space. In addition, you might look for these cans other places as well. Examples of this include to look on the side of roadways where drivers threw them out of their cars uncaringly or ask family and friends to join in with you.

Schools and Other Organisations Also Can Earn Money through Recycling Beverage Cans

Educational facilities and organisations can earn cash for their various purposes and needs through a mass collection of beverage cans. Their efforts can take many forms from placing receptacles on the property to asking people to donate any of their empty beverage cans. Once they sell the cans to a recycler, they can spend their funds in their desired manner.

How Much Are Beverage Cans Worth When Recycling Them?

While payment may vary at times, the average worth of recyclable beverage cans ranges between 10 cents to 20 cents a can. You may not think that this is that much, but it will add up over the year if you keep collecting and recycling these cans.

To learn additional facts about the unusual hobby of collecting recyclable beverage cans to earn profits, consult with Melbourne Metal Recycling. We will explain just how much you can make on this enjoyable activity.