Common Types of Aluminium Scraps

Blog | July 15th, 2019

Recycling various metals is a viable way of making extra money. Aluminium is one of the more popular ones for this purpose. It comes in many different forms, though, so it is advisable to learn a bit of information on aluminium scraps prior to taking any to the recycling centre. We share with you some of the most common ones that you may have on your property.

Cans from Beverages or Food

Beverage and food cans are probably the easiest aluminium scraps to recycle. You probably have plenty of them in your house right now. To prepare them, rinse the cans out, pull off the tabs if applicable and crush them prior to taking them to the recycler.

Construction Scrap

Many types of construction scrap will contain aluminium. Gutters, downspouts and siding are three examples.

Moulded Aluminium

At times, aluminium is shaped by pouring it into a mould when it is in a liquid form. This moulded aluminium is found in grills, bases for light poles or other items.

Automotive Parts

Engine blocks, car trim and tire rims are three examples of vehicle parts that contain aluminium. If you are junking a car or other vehicle, you may want to strip all the aluminium parts from it and sell them separately to a recycler.

Window and Door Frames

Frames for doors and windows are another form of aluminium scraps that you may already have on hand to recycle, especially if you have replaced any doors and windows lately. You will need to remove anything that is not aluminium on these elements to receive the best prices.

Parts from Outdoor Furniture

Certain models of outdoor chairs, chaise lounges, tables and other pieces contain aluminium framing. Similar to windows and doors of this metal, you will need to remove all parts that are not aluminium before selling for scraps.

Aluminium Wire

Even though the majority of your wiring or cabling may be of copper, you may find some that is aluminium when you are replacing it for one reason or another. It will be silver in colour and non-magnetic. Separate this wire from the copper to recycle it without issue.

Dirty Aluminium

In the event that you cannot remove all the non-aluminium parts from this scrap, it is known as ‘dirty’ aluminium. It will not bring the same prices as the so-called ‘clean’ aluminium will with recycling.

For further facts about the common types of aluminium scraps, contact Melbourne Metal Recycling. We specialise in buying non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal from our customers along with cars and other items.