Environmental Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Blog | May 10th, 2017

Scrap metal recycling is essential today in the effort toward keeping the environment as healthy and free of harmful toxins as possible. A responsible professional metal recycling company offers various affordable client services, such as collection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal items, transport of both heavy and lightweight metal for recycling and storage of these metals until reused. Your expert recycling team will also recycle and dispose of all the scrap metals they collect in a fully eco-friendly way.

How Recycling Scrap Metals Benefits the Environment

There are several major benefits to the environment of carefully recycling scrap metals, including the following:

• Limitation of Metals in Landfills. – When scrap metals are recycled, large areas of landfill are left free. This is pleasing to the eye since old, discarded automobiles, kitchen appliances and heavy construction equipment are no longer left as eye-sores on the landscape. Landfill areas can then be used for more productive and attractive purposes like new building projects or construction of community parks and recreation areas.

• Decrease in Carbon Footprint. – Scrap metal recycling greatly reduces CO2 emissions into the environment and is one of the best methods of maintaining a lower carbon footprint for a healthier planet.

• Decrease of Natural Resource Utilization and Reduction of Toxic Conditions. – Scrap metal recycling requires smaller amounts of energy than mining and refining of raw metals. It also lessens the need for mining, which causes serious hazards to the environment such as polluting groundwater, creating harmful runoff and creating higher toxicity levels in the earth and the surrounding atmosphere.

• Reduction in Need for New Metals Production and Increase in Jobs. – Since the scrap metal recycling industry is currently growing, it provides additional and productive jobs for many workers. Because this industry employs metal collectors, sorters and shearers as well as workers trained for smelting metals, it will continue to employ many people while cutting overall production costs as fewer new metals must be produced in steel mills and foundries.

When you engage the professional services of Melbourne Metal Recycling to collect your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals for recycling, you will be aiding the countrywide and global efforts toward creating an environmentally safe planet. With major facilities in Braeside, this respected recycling company purchases and sells all grades of recycled metals. While preserving the earth’s valuable natural resources, this expert recycling team is also helping the vital cause of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Contact this reliable company today for excellent scrap metal recycling services.