Scrap Metal Recycling Made Hassle-free: Contact Melbourne Metal Recycling

Blog | November 7th, 2019

Almost everyone is familiar with the 3Rs of waste management namely reduce, reuse and recycle. These three have been making rounds globally in an attempt to promote environment conservation. As such, it is important to perform these three tasks to further encourage people in caring for the planet where they reside. One aspect of this 3Rs that we’ll delve deeper in is recycling.

Recycling is a process that changes or transforms waste and non-useable items into raw materials in order to create new objects. As a result, recycling minimises the use of energy and consumption of raw materials. One of the considerably most valuable products to recycle is scrap metal. Not only is it found in almost any products, it can also be repurposed into any products.

Unknown to many, scrap metal recycling is beneficial not only to the environment but also to construction and manufacturing industries. Scrap metal is versatile material that can be recycled multiple times and still retain its properties. Many would assume that scrap metal recycling is a complex task not intended for the faint of heart. Luckily, Melbourne Metal Recycling might just share to you how scrap metal recycling can be made hassle free.

Metal Collection

Scrap metal recycling begins with the collection of objects made of metals. They are placed in scrap metal yards to be properly gathered and organised. In some instances, people would take their scrap metal recyclables and receive payment for the number of scrap metal they have collected and turned over.


It is then important to separate the metals from one another. This is where scrap metals are sorted in terms of two categories – recyclable and non recyclable. In this process, the quality of the scrap metal is assessed.

Scrap Metal Processing

High-powered machines are then utilised to compress the scrap metal materials. They are squashed and squeezed in order to fit right into the conveyor belt. Afterwards, shredding takes place. In order for them to be repurposed into something else entirely, they are broken down into tiny pieces. The breakdown of these metals allows the machines to use a lesser amount of energy allocated in melting the scrap metal.

During melting, a specific scrap metal is placed inside a large furnace intended to accommodate a specific property. The furnace is heated to a certain degree capable of melting the particular metal. Melting can take minutes or hours depending on the size of the furnace.

After the melting process, it is the purified to ensure that the recycled product has no impurities. Electrolysis is typically used in this process. After the purification, it is placed in a solidifying chamber for the cooling stage wherein it is shaped and delivered to construction and manufacturing industries.

With the right knowledge and appropriate materials, scrap metal recycling can truly be a hassle-free task. So it is a good thing that Melbourne Metal Recycling is here to assist you in your recycling journey. We are here to offer a fun and rewarding way to de-clutter your yard and free up space at your property while ensuring what is good for the environment.