Benefits of Old Car Removal: What You Can Give and Gain From It?

Blog | February 16th, 2017

If you own a car that is no longer in use, you may consider the advantages of old car removal by a professional company. Not only will you be practicing environmentally friendly recycling through this, you will also give and gain certain benefits, such as those that follow.

1. Gives Others a Chance to Save on Used Parts

Old car removal provides other drivers an opportunity to buy scrap parts off your car to repair their own cars. The result of this is that they save money on parts in comparison to purchasing new ones. Fenders, side panels, hoods, doors and engine parts are just some examples of the scrap parts that other drivers may need. If your car is operational or repairable, drivers can even have a chance to buy it from the company that performs the removal for you.

2. Helps Prevent Environmental Pollution

You keep the old car from causing environmental pollution, especially when it is deteriorating and rusting on your property. In addition, you prevent the car and its oil and fluids, tires and other elements from being in a landfill.

3. Removes Eyesores and Potential Hazards from Your Property

Hiring professionals to haul off your old vehicle removes an eyesore and potential hazard from your property. Children may even wish to play make-believe in your car and they could get trapped or hurt. If the oil and other fluids leak into the soil, they will contaminate the soil and ground water.

4. Maintains or Increases the Value of Your Property

Cleaning up your property by removing an old car will maintain or even increase your property value. Whether or not you have a home or building on the property, the results will be the same in this area.

5. Prevents Possible Legal Issues or Fines

Local authorities or neighbourhoods may have certain regulations about storing an unusable car on your property. By having it towed away, you might avoid legal issues or fines.

6. Places Cash in Your Pocket

On top of all the other benefits of old car removal, it also places extra cash in your pocket. You can receive anywhere from $100 up to $9900 for your car depending upon its condition.

To give or gain all the above benefits, contact Melbourne Metal Recycling. Call us in the morning for a quote and accept it, and we will provide same day pickup. Browse through our website to learn the additional services that we offer you.