Junk Car in Your Yard: Know the Hazards and Why You Need Its Immediate Removal

Blog | August 4th, 2019

Cars that are in unusable condition are much more than just unsightly objects on your property. Junk cars draw unwanted attention from vandals, children looking for a place to play and even critters in search of a home. Also, they pose a threat to the environment and can get you in legal trouble in certain cases. Read on to learn more about why you need to remove junk vehicles from your property immediately.

Attracts Unwanted Attention

A junk car will draw attention to your property by not only vandals, who want to do you harm, but also from children. The neighbourhood kids always are on a lookout for a place to have an adventure. They may find your unusable car as the perfect setting for one. Their parents will not be happy due to the fact that the children can get trapped in the trunk or hurt on the old car.

Critters Will Use Abandoned Cars for Homes

Snakes, rodents and other wild critters may set up house in a junk car. There always a risk of these animals bringing diseases or other issues with them. Also, many of the snakes here in Australia are poisonous.

Leaky Fluids and Deteriorating Car Parts Will Pollute the Environment

Rusting car parts, peeling paint and leaky car fluids can taint the soil, ground water and the air. This environmental pollution is another reason not to keep junk vehicles on your land.

Junk Cars Will Lower Your Property Value

The presence of a junk car on your land can lower the overall value of your property. While it may not matter right now, it will if you want to refinance your home. Of course, you might not be able to sell it at all without first removing the unusable car from your premises.

You May Face Fines From Local Authorities or Your HOA

An additional reason for you to remove a junk car from your property immediately is they you may face fines from local authorities and/or your neighbourhood HOA for having it there. Unusable vehicles rotting in the sun are frowned upon by both along with your neighbours for that fact.

Sell Junk Cars to Earn Extra Cash to Avoid Issues

Instead of having any of the above issues, sell your junk car to a recycler to put some extra cash in your pocket. Splurge on yourself with the money or reinvest it in your property.

Turn to Melbourne Metal Recycling to unload your junk car for cash. We will offer you top dollars, depending upon its condition. Payment is made with a bank cheque or electronic transfer in accordance with the new laws. Our crew will come pick it up for you free of charge.