Old Car Removal Services in Braeside and Melbourne: Top Dollars and Safety Benefits Combined

Blog | June 29th, 2020

A lot of people who have old, unusable cars typically store them on the garage or any extra space within their property. One of the main reasons behind storing old cars in these places is that car owners find it difficult to discard them properly. Another possible reason why they just keep their old cars is that they hold sentimental value. Whatever the reason is, keeping cars that are in unusable condition can significantly contribute to the emergence of numerous hazards.

Hazards of Keeping Your Old Car

As mentioned, keeping old cars untouched for a very long time can pose numerous hazards to you and your surroundings. If your old car is parked in an open area of your property, then expect it to draw unwanted attention. An old, unusable car typically provides neighbourhood kids or teenagers a place for them to hide or hang out, which can be catastrophic if ever one of them gets trapped in the trunk or hurt on the car. The very presence of this car can also lower your overall property value.

Cars that are abandoned and old can also set an alternate home for snakes, rodents, and other wild and dangerous critters. You do not want these creatures to be lurking around your property since they can hurt you and your family anytime. They can also bring diseases that can be dangerous or deadly for your family. Aside from your health, your old car may also pollute the environment’s health since it contains rotting parts, peeled paint, and leaky fluids that can contaminate the soil, groundwater, and the air.

Benefits of Selling Your Old Car

The hazards of keeping your old car for a very long time can be prevented if you get rid of it right away. One way of discarding your old car is to look for a company that buys them. Selling your old car to a reputable and trusted company can provide you numerous benefits.

Your old car can take a significant amount of space in your garage or a specific part of your property. Its surroundings can even be deemed unusable since the old car emanates unusual odour and dreadful sight. However, once this car is removed, it can grant you extra space that can be used as additional storage, garage, or living space.

Another benefit of old car removal is that it helps you gain extra cash. When it comes to their overall value, most cars depreciate over time. And when your car is already old and non-functional, its value may have already gone down to zero. With old car removal services, this value increases since there are still some parts of your car that can be extracted and recycled again. And once your car parts are recycled, you are now helping cut down landfill pollution, strip mining, and contamination of soil and groundwater.

Services for Old Car Removal

With old car removal services, you can receive not only safety benefits but also amazing top dollars. We at Melbourne Metal Recycling can readily provide old car removal services in Braeside and Melbourne. There are three things that you should know about how our services work. First, we will ask you to answer a quote form. Alternatively, you can just get in touch with us through call or e-mail. Then, we can give you the best price for your old car. Do not worry as we accept all car models, no matter what their condition is. We match them with the best price you can possibly get. When everything is set, we will then go to your location to pick up your car. You can receive your payment through bank cheque or electronic money transfer.