Why Recyclable Materials Should Be Kept Away from Landfills

Blog | September 14th, 2018

Over recent years, there has been an awakening to the fact that how we dispose of our waste can affect the health of our planet and for that fact, our bodies. As a result, more Australians than ever are recycling as much of their waste as possible to keep it out of landfills. If you are in a quandary whether or not it is really worth recycling, we share some of the reasons why recyclable materials should be kept out of landfills in the following facts.

Recyclable Materials Reduce the Need for Raw Materials

The first benefit of keeping recyclable materials out of landfills is the fact that they reduce the need for raw materials in the manufacturing process. After all, raw materials often require extensive preparation in order to use them to make new steel, wrought iron or any number of other manufacturing materials. Examples of this include both non-ferrous and ferrous metals that range from copper to stainless steel.

Others Can Save Money on Car Repairs When You Recycle Unwanted Cars

Drivers in search of difficult to find or expensive car parts can save money using parts from recycled cars. Used parts always cost less the new parts do for repairs. Also, at times, it is hard to find new parts for older models of cars. This also keeps cars out of landfills where they do not belong at all.

You Prevent Toxins from Polluting the Air, Soil and Groundwater When You Recycle Certain Materials

When you recycle your car batteries and other items that can contain toxic ingredients, you prevent these harmful substances from polluting the air, soil and groundwater. This pollution is a real threat if these items wind up in landfills. Examples of car-battery toxins include lead, sulfuric acid, cadmium and more, but they vary depending upon the make of battery.

Recycling Preserves the Landfills for Unrecyclable Waste

Another reason that recycling is important is the fact that it preserves the available landfill space for unrecyclable or biodegradable waste. We quickly are running out of space of landfills due to the fact that many of the wrong items have been deposited in them over the years.

You Can Earn Top Dollars from Recyclable Materials

Maybe the most fun part of keeping recyclable materials out of landfills is the fact that you can earn extra cash by recycling them. You even may be able to treat yourself and/or your family to something special.

For further facts about why you should keep recyclable materials away from landfills, consult with Melbourne Metal Recycling. We specialise in selling and buying all grades of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals in many forms ranging from cars to scrap whitegoods.