Wrecked Car Removal: Turning a Bad Memory to Instant Cash

Blog | May 1st, 2019

While your car once brought you a lot of pleasure and a reliable means to traverse around town, it is now a wrecked piece of junk littering your property. You have a difficult time even looking at it now since it reminds you of the road accident that made it the crunched-up mess it is today. We have a remedy for this situation that we think you will like since it turns this bad memory into instant cash. Our company, Melbourne Metal Recycling, will not only remove this issue from your property if you are in the Braeside and Melbourne areas, but we also will buy your wrecked car from you.

We Provide Free Car Removal with Our Simple Three Step Process

Our Company will come and remove your wrecked car at no additional cost to you upon your request. You just contact us via our quote form, telephone number or e-mail address. We will offer you a top price for your wrecked vehicle, regardless of the make or model it is as long as you are in the Braeside or Melbourne area. Once you agree to our price, we come pick up your car and pay you through an electronic money transfer or with a bank cheque. Also, we provide our removal service on the same day if it is convenient to you or you can dictate another removal date.

Our Company Pays Top Dollars for Your Wrecked Car

You may wonder what exactly top dollar is for a vehicle today. Our payment range is from $100 up to $9900. The amount that you receive depends upon your specific vehicle, so you must contact us for an accurate quote.

Your Wrecked Vehicle Can Help Others Save Money on Car Repairs

Another reason to sell your wrecked car to our company besides the money that you receive is the fact that other people can save money on their car repairs by buying parts of it. Engine, body and other parts are often still usable on wrecked vehicles.

Almost Everything in a Car Is Recyclable

In addition to people purchasing parts from your wrecked vehicle, you need to understand that almost every inch of your car is recyclable in other ways. Never just let a smashed-up car rot in your yard where it can taint the soil, groundwater and even the air along with the fact that you can receive money for it.

For further details about how our wrecked car removal turns a bad memory into instant cash for you, browse through our website or contact us directly. At the same time, discover the other items that you can recycle for money with the help of our company.