Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

We can help you with recycling metals and inform you on the positive effect this has on the environment.

Our metal recycling company is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers, either at our recycling yard, at your site for regular bin collections, or a one off pickup. We will work out a solution to best suit your needs.

We welcome year round commercial and walk-in customers from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5pm.

You will be paid the best prices for your metals that are weighed on accurate trade-approved weighbridge and scales.

Melbourne Metal Recycling keeps waste out of landfill and turns it into Top Dollars.

Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

Call us with your non-ferrous and ferrous metal scraps. You can bring in small to large quantities of scrap metals and get paid either by bank cheque or electronic money transfer, wherein you will have access to your funds almost immediately. Your vehicle will be turned around quickly with immediate payment either by bank cheque or electronic money transfer.

For those who have a regular flow and volume of scrap metals, a regular bin collection may be the solution. We have variety of bin sizes for whatever is suitable for your particular situation. When you have filled your bin we will remove it and bring you a new one either on a scheduled basis or on-call.

We Pay Top Dollars for Old Cars!!!

  • Get great value for your OLD car. Damaged, old, new, and any condition. We will pay you!
  • We can pay either by bank cheque or money transfer for any model: Mitsubishi, Mazda, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Holden, etc…
  • Car removal, truck removal, ute removal, anything with an engine removal.
  • Removal of your unwanted cars and get the best price.
  • We buy your car or cars and pay a great price on the spot, either by bank cheque or electronic money transfer when you book your car removal with us.
  • We will pay you a great deal of money, fulfilled either by cheque or money transfer.
  • Get only The Best Top Dollar prices for cars, trucks, utes and other vehicles

New Laws and Payment Method

No Cash Payments

Effective from 30th May, No Cash payments will be made in exchange of any scrap goods as per the new law. In order to comply with the new laws, payments must either be made electronically or by a bank cheque.

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