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Ferrous Materials

Ferrous Metal Recycling

If you’ve been searching for a ferrous metal recycling centre in Melbourne that can pick up ferrous scrap metal from your premises and pay you a fair price, don’t look past Melbourne Metal Recycling. We can buy various types of ferrous scrap, including HMS (heavy steel) and LMS (light steel) and scrap vehicles . No matter what type of scrap you have, you can rely on our team to provide a first-rate ferrous metal recycling service. We have the ability and equipment needed to process all types of metals. We accept and process any types of metals of almost any type and volume at our Braeside facility.

We also offer the best prices you’ll find in Victoria. Our prices are competitive and fair, ensuring that no matter what type of metals you have, you will always be fairly compensated.

Types of Ferrous Scrap Metal We Can Collect:

  • Heavy Melting steel (HMS)
  • Pressing steel
  • Scrap cars
  • Demolition scrap
  • Construction waste
  • Machinery
  • Marine and auto parts
  • Metal offcuts from manufacturing, and much more!
  • White goods

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If you’ve been wanting to know “is there anyone that offers ferrous metal recycling near me?”, look no further! Call Melbourne Metal Recycling today on (03) 9587 6937 or contact us online to enquire with our team.

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