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MMR Bin Services

Scrap Metal Bin Service

Have you been wondering “is there a company supply skips bins services and scrap metal bins near me?” Enquire about the scrap metal bins Melbourne Metal Recycling has to offer as part of our scrap metal bin service. Using a bin for scrap metal makes it significantly easier to manage your steel scrap in an eco-friendly and affordable manner.

At Melbourne Metal Recycling, we’re proud to offer a huge range of scrap metal bin sizes that our customers can choose from, allowing you to choose a metal scrap bin that’s perfect for your particular steel scrap disposal requirements. We have skip and forklift bins for yard clean up, construction site steel scrap, factory clean up and much more! We’ll be happy to recommend the right metal scrap bin for you based the type and quantity of metal that you need taken away.

Our scrap metal bin service includes bin delivery and pick up. Our team can deliver scrap metal bins to your location that we’ll then collect once they’ve been filled. This free scrap metal bins collection service is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a convenient way to dispose of scrap metal.

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We are a trusted scrap metal remover in Melbourne and your go-to metal recycler in Braeside.

    Scrap Metal Bin Options

    Arrange Scrap Metal Bins for one-off purposes or for regular collection.

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 1.7M³

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 2.4M³

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 3.4M³

    Name: 2M³ Marrell
    Capacity: 2M³

    Name: Marrell
    Capacity: 9M³

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 12M³

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 20M³

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 30M³

    Our Scrap Metal Bin Service is Perfect For:

    • Car Wrecking Yards
    • Scrap Metal Yards
    • Factories
    • Construction sites
    • Demolition sites
    • Renovation projects
    • Maintenance projects
    • Clean-up projects
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • And more

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    If you want to know “where can I find a skip bin near me?”, get in touch with Melbourne Metal Recycling to book our industrial bin services. Backed by many years of experience, our scrap metal professionals have the expertise needed to supply you with a metal scrap bin that’s capable of storing all your steel scrap safely. Call us now on (03) 9587 6937 or contact us online to get started.

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    We are a trusted scrap metal remover in Melbourne and your go-to metal recycler in Braeside.