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About Us

About Melbourne Metal Recycling

Melbourne Metal Recycling established in 2011, Melbourne Metal Recycling has become a leading industry in the Metal Recycling industry in Victoria. Initially focusing on public and industrial drop-offs, the company gradually expanded its services to include industrial pickups, utilizing its fleet of trucks.

In 2017, Melbourne Metal Recycling further extended its operations to country Victoria, offering local businesses and councils the opportunity to contribute to metal waste recycling and the preservation of Victoria’s cleanliness and environmental sustainability.

Our business revolves around the recycling of scrap metals from industries, businesses, and households. With our experienced MMR logistics team, we have achieved continuous success in managing scrap metals on a global scale. Our dedicated management team is focused on growing Melbourne Metal Recycling’s market share in a competitive and established industry.

We employ various methods, including sorting, shearing, oxy cutting, baling, and compacting, to process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for resale. These recycled metals are then sold as raw material feedstock to local and international end users.

Melbourne Metal Recycling is known for its reputation as an ethical and transparent operator in the scrap metal industry. We are committed to investing in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, practicing sound environmental management, and employing and training the best professionals in the field.

We extend a warm invitation to you and your colleagues to visit our operation at any time. This will give you the opportunity to see firsthand the nature and extent of our business.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Accepting Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Call us with your non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. You can bring in small to large quantities of scrap metal and get paid either by bank cheque or electronic money transfer, giving you access to the funds almost immediately. Your scrap metal or scrap vehicle will be turned around quickly to ensure fast payment.

For those who have a regular flow of scrap metals, a regular bin collection may be the best solution. We have a variety of bin sizes available to suit your particular situation. When you have filled your bin, we will remove it and bring you a new one either on a scheduled basis or on-call.

Paying Top Dollar for Old Cars

Paying Top Dollar for Old Cars

  • Get great value for your old car. Damaged, old, new – any condition. We will pay you!
  • We can pay either by bank cheque or money transfer for any model: Mitsubishi, Mazda, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Holden, and others.
  • Car removal, truck removal, ute removal – removal of anything with an engine.
  • Removal of unwanted cars that pays the best price.
  • We buy scrap cars and pay a great price on the spot either by bank cheque or electronic money transfer.
  • Get the best top dollar prices for cars, trucks, utes and other vehicles.

No Cash Payments

New Laws and Payment Method

Effective from 30th May 2018, no cash payments will be made in exchange of any scrap goods as per new laws. In order to comply with these new laws, payment must either be made electronically or through bank cheque.

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