De-clutter Your Yard and Garage By Recycling Scrap Metals

Blog | October 13th, 2017

Do you have a yard that is cluttered with odds-and-ends? Well, if you do and you want some help cleaning it up, there could be some money it for you. Many people don’t realise that old and unwanted things such as appliances, non-running vehicles, electronics, pots and pans, pipes, old car parts, and metal decorations have value, and that they can get paid cash by recycling them.

The most common items that clutter yards are old appliances and cars that don’t run anymore. As years pass, these can become an eye sore that people have accepted to live with because of the imagined cost it would be to haul them off. But what if you didn’t have to remove these yourself? How wonderful it would be if someone came and hauled away your old vehicles and scrap metals, and then pay you for them!

Well, it’s true, here at Melbourne Metal Recycling, we will come and haul away your old car, no matter what condition it is in, and then we will pay you for it. We buy all makes and models of cars.

There are environmental benefits of recycling old cars, as these often leak oil that will seep into the ground, not to mention that many toxic parts of vehicles can eventually end-up rotting in landfills. Recycling an old car for cash is the best way to make sure that vehicle elements such as lead batteries, copper radiators, aluminium metals, electric motors, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal parts stay out of landfills.

Recycling Scrap Metals and De-clutter Your Yard and Garage

Besides taking advantage of our free car removal service in Melbourne, you can also de-clutter your yard and garage by recycling any scrap metals that are taking up space. Melbourne Metal Recycling buys all kinds of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, such as the following:


  • Electric Motors
  • PVC – Electrical cables
  • Any Brass and Bronze items
  • Stainless steel and Steel
  • All types of Copper
  • Aluminium Rims
  • Any Aluminium items
  • Lead
  • Old Machinery
  • Old and New Cars

At Melbourne Metal Recycling, we make selling your old car and scrap metal easy. Our experienced team can help you with recycling your non-ferrous and ferrous metals, by determining the best way to meet your needs. You can either drop off scrap metals to our yard, or have a bin placed at your yard for regular or one time pick up, whatever is the most convenient for you.