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Aluminium Wheels (Rims) For Recycling: Why This Makes Sense

  • 11 May 2023
  • by Melbourne Metal Recycling

Aluminium is a non-magnetic and ductile metal that makes up around 8% of the Earth’s crust. This specific metal is known for its low density and resistance to corrosion. Even with its low density, aluminium still has high tensile strength and can be easily fabricated. These properties make the aluminium one of the most used metal materials in producing vehicle panelling, building cladding, kitchen fitting, household and industrial equipment, and many more.

Aluminium in the Automotive Industry

One industry that benefits the most with the use of aluminium is the automotive industry. Aside from the previously mentioned properties of aluminium, the automotive industry maximises this specific metal since it contributes to the boosted performance of vehicles, especially their acceleration, braking, and handling. Moreover, aluminium materials can absorb a lot of energy in a crash, making them safe and prevent fatal injuries.

Another reason why the automotive industry is fond of using aluminium is its efficiency when it comes to fuel consumption. The lightness of aluminium components of a vehicle contributes to the saving of 0.7 gallons of fuel per 100 miles. Additionally, aluminium components can last for a very long time as they do not rust easily. They can even be used in off-road and military vehicles.

The automotive industry typically utilises aluminium in manufacturing vehicle frame and body, electrical wiring, wheels, lamps, transmission, condenser, pipes, engine parts, and magnets.

The Popularity of Aluminium Wheels

If there is one vehicle component that is often fabricated out of aluminium, that would be wheels. Aluminium wheels are lightweight. However, they are also known for their resistance to impact, heat, scratches, and oxidation. The choices for this type of wheels may vary depending on their finish and size. The finishes available for aluminium wheels include chrome, powder-coated, painted, machined and clear-coated, PVD, bare polished.

Aluminium wheels can be used in different applications. They can be used for urban or rural driving. And even with the harsh environmental conditions of off-road and mountain driving, you are ensured that aluminium wheels can still deliver top-notch performance. All these benefits of features of aluminium wheels make them one of the most bought automotive components of all time.

Recycling Aluminium Wheels and Rims

Since the demand for aluminium wheels and rims is consistently high around the world, it would be sensible for manufacturers to constantly produce these components. But since the supply of virgin raw aluminium is limited, it can be difficult for the automotive industry to meet the demand of the market. Fortunately, aluminium has one more crucial benefit that can solve this given dilemma.

Aluminium products can be recovered and recycled easily without losing their core strengths and benefits that are all previously mentioned. Their recyclability signifies that old aluminium wheels and rims can be recovered and recycled again to effectively replenish the needed supply of aluminium. Given this benefit, the recycling of aluminium wheels and other components is believed to contribute to the decrease of crude oil and energy consumption as well as carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, the recycling of aluminium wheels and rims can help businesses produce wheels without extracting raw materials.

Given the benefits of aluminium wheels, it would be fitting for manufacturers to continue fabricating and recycling them. For more information about recycling aluminium wheels, just give us a call at Melbourne Metal Recycling.

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