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An Overview About Scrap Car Recycling

  • 11 May 2023
  • by Melbourne Metal Recycling

Unlike land areas and properties, almost all types of cars depreciate every year since most of their components wear gradually whenever they are used. And as soon as the car stops working, some of their owners would still try to bring it to repair shops hoping that it will still work. Others, however, would just either leave their old, faulty car in the garage or bring it on a scrapyard.

Leaving an old car in the garage can be sensible for most car owners since they feel that it still holds sentimental value to them. And if the car is somehow unique and one-of-a-kind, some of them will most likely wait for a long time before selling it. The value that they can get in storing it in the garage for years will just diminish as its components will continue deteriorating over time.

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Materials

Sending an old or faulty car to a scrap yard or recycling centre, on the other hand, can bring a lot of value to its owner and others. You see, most of the components that are used in cars are mostly made from metal. And with the current trend of prioritising sustainability and the presence of various technological advancements, metal components that can be recovered from scrap products are now all easily reprocessed in exchange for some monetary value.

Once the recycling centre has managed to obtain the metal components, they can now recycle them so that they can be used in making new products. This act alone allows you to help the environment preserve its natural source of non-renewable metal materials, and at the same time, conserve energy that is being used in extracting and processing new metal products. Harmful emissions from the mentioned processes for new metal products are also significantly reduced.

Ultimately, getting rid of your old car will not only help you save the environment and gain money, but it will also free up space in your garage or yard. You do not even have to exert some effort just to get the damaged car clean. Accumulation of dirt and other debris in your garage space can now be minimised.

Recyclable Scrap Car Components

On average, there are at least 30,000 parts that can be extracted and obtained from a car. The metal parts that can be recycled from a car account for not only the huge parts of the engine and car chassis but also the tiniest screws and components that are intended to hold everything.

The types of metal that can be recycled in a car would most likely include aluminium, iron, titanium, and steel. Some of the car components that can be made from these metal types are rims, handles, axels, steering parts, brake components, suspension, valves, engine, exhaust system parts, hubcaps, transmission systems, instrument panels, and the car chassis. All these components are made from metal materials since most of them are durable, lightweight, and can resist any damage from the surroundings. Even after recycling and reprocessing these metal car components, all the associated properties of the metal are highly retained. This only means that the products made from recycled metal will still have the same durability, lightweight, and resistance to damaging elements.

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