Different Uses for Recycled Scrap Metals

Blog | January 30th, 2018

At Melbourne Metal Recycling we focus on empowering communities to recycle their old scrap metal. There are a variety of reasons to consider recycling old scrap metal from being environmentally friendly to trying to earn some money with junk that was only clogging up your garage or backyard. Some people wonder what happens after their old scrap metal is recycled. Well, we’re glad that you came to us. Today, we are going to talk about all of the different uses that your old, recycled scrap metal might end up being used for.

Uses of Recycled Scrap Metal

Taking a peek into your shed full of scrap metal can be a lesson in endurance. After all, who wants to look at all of the junk that is hanging over your head? Well, once you actually haul it out and recycle it at a company like ours, it ends up getting put to good use. From aluminium and copper to steel, brass, and iron, your recycled scrap metal can make a difference in a variety of different industries. Here are a few different ways that your scrap metal will be put to use.

1. Industrial Usage – When you recycle high-quality materials, like iron or steel, you are likely going to have it immediately put back into use. Recycled scrap metal is often re-purposed into a major player in several industries. Among these prominent industries are automobile manufacturing, plumbing, aircraft manufacturing, and even home appliances.

2. Packaging – Scrap metal that has a high content of aluminium and steel will typically end up in the packaging industry. The next time you buy canned goods, you’ll probably be holding some of that recycled scrap metal. In particular, aluminium makes for great recycled packaging as it goes a long way, requires less post-processing, and as a result is more eco-friendly.

3. Housing – The next time you see a construction team working on a house, you should realise that they are probably using recycled scrap metal. Metal roofing supplies are typically made wholesale from recycled scrap metal which makes them more affordable and greener as a result.

4. Fixtures & Appliances
– Finally, recycled scrap metal is typically re-purposed into furnishing and fixtures that you see around most modern homes. From steel to brass and aluminium, scrap metal plays a big part in filling up our own homes.

Knowing the value of recycled scrap metal can be a great motivator to clean out your own garage. If you are ready to take the next step, reach out to Melbourne Metal Recycling today!