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Why Metal Is Better Recycled Than Being Mined

  • 11 May 2023
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With the risk of the impending catastrophic dangers of environment-related threats, people must now take a step forward in innovating sustainable efforts to save the planet. One of these efforts is metal recycling which can significantly reduce the demand for minerals. However, many are still wondering why metal is better recycled than being mined.

Uses Less Energy for Primary Production

Metal recycling is better than mining since it offers a significant net energy benefit. For instance, energy accounts for 30 percent of primary aluminium production costs, but recycling of aluminium scrap uses only 5 percent of the energy of primary production.

Recycling is More Efficient than Mining

Metal recycling is often far more efficient than mining. For example, a post-consumer automotive catalyst has a concentration of platinum group metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium more than 100 times higher than in natural ores. Already, special refining plants are achieving recovery rates of more than 90 percent from this ‘waste.’

Mining Industries Can Pose Tragic Threats

There is no denying that the sustainability impacts on the mining sector are serious – sometimes even tragic and catastrophic. But they are not without solutions. Technology, which is the source of so much destruction in the mining and metals industry, can also be its saviour. Recycling is one of the ways for technology to reduce the impact of metals. If we look at energy consumption, each phase of the steel-making process presents opportunities. For example, direct energy use can be reduced by 50 percent in the manufacture of coke and sinter through plant heat recovery, and the use of waste fuel and coal moisture control. In the rolling process, hot charging, recuperative burners and controlled oxygen levels can reduce the energy by 88 percent and electricity consumption by five percent.

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