How to Make Money Out of Busted Electric Motors

Blog | May 16th, 2019

Electric motors come in various sizes and styles depending upon their purpose. Their current needs will vary as well since some run on alternating current while other ones need direct current. Also, these motors can be found in vehicles, appliances, machinery and other items. With so many of them produced each year, it is easy to understand that busted electric motors could become a disposal problem if people do not realise that they can recycle the motors and make money. That is right, we said you can earn money just by selling your broken electric motor or motors to a recycling company, such as ours of Melbourne Metal Recycling.

You Can Recycle a Broken Electric Motor for Its Parts

If you have a non-working electric motor just decaying in your garage, storeroom or other area of your property, you can bring to us so you can check how much we will pay you for it. We can disassemble and recycle parts of your electric motor especially if there is an existing copper wiring, which is a highly recyclable material.

Any Metal Parts of the Busted Electric Motors Are Recyclable

All of the metal parts on your broken electric motor can earn you money as well since they are either ferrous or non-ferrous in nature. The three main metals that are present in most of these motors are steel, aluminium and copper, but you could find others along with these.

The Wiring of a Broken Electric Motor Will Also Make You Money

All of the wiring that is in a non-working electric motor or that is necessary to connect it to other components is recyclable for money. Wires are contained within a special sheathing at times. Copper is the main metal used in electrical wiring due to its conductivity.

Process for Recycling Your Non-Working Electric Motor

You just need to come to our facility in Melbourne with your motor to recycle it. There is no need to call ahead and note that we do not repair busted electric motors.

Contact us for further information about how you can make money out of busted electric motors. We will answer all your questions and explain all of the other items that we can accept for recycling. When you recycle with us, we will issue you a payment immediately in the form of a bank cheque or an electronic transfer. A new law prohibits cash payments for scrap goods.