How You Can Run a Recycling Scheme as a Building Contractor

Blog | March 20th, 2018

Look around your neighbourhood or glance at a building that is under construction. We bet that you can immediately see how recycling would massively benefit both scenarios. We all know that recycling is a positive thing to do, not only for your wallet but also for the environment. Still, it can be hard to get people to engage with and entertain the idea of recycling on a broader level. That is why, as a building contractor, you can be in a unique position in order to impart real change on your local community. Today, we are going to talk about how you can set up a recycling scheme through your business while helping out the environment and aiding the local community.

The Benefits of a Recycling Scheme

When we say ‘recycling scheme’ what immediately comes to mind? You might think of the plastic bottle recycling scheme that New South Wales implemented not too long ago. You might also use the word ‘scheme’ to imply some sort of negativity. This isn’t the case. As a building contractor and a business owner, adding in a recycling scheme to your company policy can pay huge dividends in just about every way imaginable. Before we break into these benefits, let us first hone in on what exactly a recycling scheme is.

So, a recycling scheme is all about getting people to engage with recycling. You can do this by offering them some sort of tangible benefit back, be it in straight cash or by offering to donate a portion to the local community’s needs. A local school might need a soccer goal. A local neighbourhood might want more trees to be planted at the park. Once you have your benefit laid out, you can start collecting materials to recycle.

Now that we know what a recycling scheme is, how does it benefit you as a building contractor? That’s a great question and probably the most important one in your mind. Here are a few benefits of operating a recycling scheme through your business:

1. Going Green – Most of the material that you use during your contracted jobs are recycled at some point or another. Wood and metal can be used, reduced, and recycled a number of different times.

2. Community Credit – Once you establish yourself as a contractor who gives back to the community, you are going to gain a great amount of credit and positive reputation. This leads to more jobs which in turn leads to more recycling.

3. Profitability – The materials that you accept through your recycling scheme can be sold for refurbishment which can net you a tidy profit.