Reasons Why Copper is One of the Most in Demand Metal for Recycling

Blog | July 30th, 2020

The industry of metal recycling has been gaining more and more popularity these days due to its positive sustainable effects on the environment. Recycling scrap metal products help keep the number of metal waste products low, which subsequently results in a decrease of waste pollution around landfills. Moreover, the concerned activity assists in the declining volume of raw metal resources that need to be extracted underground each year. The low extraction rates mean that the supply of these non-renewable resources is preserved for more important uses in the future.

One popular metal material in the recycling industry is copper. This specific metal material is comprised of numerous qualities and some crucial factors that make them one of the most in demand metals for the recycling industry.

Consistent Demand

Copper has been utilised by various industries around the world. These industries include building construction, power generation and transmission, electronic product manufacturing, and production of industrial and automotive products. Most of the electrical components today are made from copper. Even the parts for motors, radiators, and bearings in most vehicles have the same material. As these industries continue to offer these products, the demand for copper will not fall short anytime soon. Additionally, most production or recycling industries will surely gather all the needed copper to generate sales.

Decreasing Price

Connecting the metal recycling industry to the current global situation may be odd. However, there is a clear correlation between the two different elements. As the pandemic continues to spread and take a big hit on major economies, the price of the copper has fallen and continues to fall in the upcoming months. However, the price of copper products might also increase rapidly once the situation improves due to either the discovery of a cure or the decreasing number of cases and fatalities around the world. The selling price of reprocessed copper materials can be amplified if they were bought at much lower costs.

Biological Implications

The mining and refining process of copper can release a huge amount of dust and waste gases into the atmosphere. Additionally, filling up the landfills with scrap copper products can emit toxic wastes on the environment, especially to the land and water around the landfills. The harmful biological implications of these activities pushed major industries to utilise scrap copper products and recycle them again. Doing so will contribute to their initial step towards sustainable practices and, at the same time, huge energy and monetary savings when it comes to production and extraction activities since recycling is much cheaper.

All the mentioned reasons make copper one of the most in demand metal materials for recycling. If you want to have your scrap copper products recycled and reprocessed, let us know at Melbourne Metal Recycling. We make it easy to get paid for recycling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal – while freeing up some much-needed space at your property and helping out the environment. Our professional and reliable metal recyclers team provides a range of cost-effective services to our valued clients, including collection, transport, receiving, storage, recycling, and disposal of the full range of scrap metals.