Recycling of Aluminium Sheets: A Pathway to Sustainability

Blog | May 11th, 2020

A lot of people would immediately throw away products that have already been damaged or worn out to their respective trash bins. Once these trash bins are collected, all waste materials are then transferred to landfills so that they can naturally deteriorate over time. Stacking random wastes in a landfill alone contributes to pollution and other contamination that may happen around the premises.

Fortunately, businesses around the world have opted for a more sustainable solution for waste products. Backed up by scientists and their studies, business owners are convinced that recycling can indeed help in getting rid of their waste products without polluting the land, atmosphere, and bodies of water. Recycling, ultimately, can benefit the whole community and the environment.

Benefits of Recycling Aluminium Sheets

Companies tend to recycle aluminium because of its core features. In case you do not know, aluminium sheets are known for their corrosion resistance, effective electrical and thermal conductivity, solid ductility, and lightweight. Recycling products out of aluminium sheets is only practical as they are non-degradable. And even if they are recycled, the original properties of aluminium sheets are still intact, which makes them great for making equipment, appliances, tools, and other household and industrial products.

Other than keeping the original properties intact, the process of recycling aluminium sheets can save a lot of energy and other resources. Industries that manufacture beverage containers and automotive components are believed to be among the largest users of recycled aluminium sheets. Rather than extracting and manufacturing new aluminium sheets, these companies can save almost 95% of energy when they continuously process their products with recycled aluminium. Moreover, almost 95% of greenhouse gas emissions are cut down when they utilise recycled aluminium sheets.

Based on some studies, about 75% of the 1 billion tons of aluminium products around the world are still being used today. However, only 35% of these products came from recycled aluminium. Even with these figures, it is still safe to say that recycling aluminium products is the only way to make the planet sustainable and save it from the drastic environmental effects of waste materials. Recovering them will also cover pretty much all the production lines that need aluminium materials.

Steps behind Recycling Aluminium Sheets

Products out of aluminium sheets are often recycled with a few steps. First, aluminium products like food and drink packaging are collected from residential and commercial buildings. Other products that are made from aluminium are also collected for further processing. Once the products are collected, they are now sorted according to their overall composition. Some recycling facilities would separate them using magnets and then later compressed into bales.

Consequently, aluminium sheets are reprocessed on a plant. A reprocessing plant is responsible for shredding, decoating, melting and casting of scrap aluminium sheets. Other processes might be done according to the preference of the recycling company.

Recycling aluminium sheets is a great pathway towards the sustainability of products. The more we recycle aluminium sheets, the more we can save our natural resources from being extracted by abusive companies. For more information about recycling aluminium sheets, feel free to talk to us at Melbourne Metal Recycling.