Recycling Scrap Whitegoods: What Are These?

Blog | June 8th, 2018

When you research into all of the items that you can recycle today, you will run across many things that you are quite familiar with in your daily life. There is one term that you may not be familiar with, though, namely scrap whitegoods. The term may bring to mind sheets and towels that you can buy at white sales in stores, but this is not what the term means at all. We are here to explain what these items actually are, why you should recycle them and other pertinent information.

What Are Scrap Whitegoods? 

Scrap whitegoods is a term for your used large household appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, microwave ovens, stoves and range hoods. Smaller electronic appliances, such as toasters, vacuum cleaners, toasters, irons, and tea kettles do not fit into this category.

Why You Should Recycle Scrap Whitegoods

As with other metallic items, you should recycle whitegoods to keep them out of landfills. The decomposition process of them can taint the soil, groundwater and at times, the air. Today, we know that only non-toxic, biodegradable items should wind up in landfills if they cannot be recycled.

Some Scrap Whitegoods Can Be Refurbished

At times, your old whitegoods can be refurbished and resold to others who wish to save money on their appliance purchases. Washing machines and clothes dryers are just two examples of this type of whitegoods.

Parts from Scrap Whitegoods Can Be Remade into Other Products

Many parts of whitegoods can be remade into other products. For example, the outer shell of these items can be reprocessed into other metallic items. Also, plastic is another element from these appliances that has the same recyclability as the metallic parts. This cuts down on the need for raw materials to make the resulting items.

Where to Recycle Your Scrap Whitegoods

Easiest way to recycle usable old whitegoods is to sell them to an individual looking to buy them at a lower price than what new ones would cost today. Retailers often provide pickup services for scrap whitegoods either free or for a nominal fee with a purchase of new appliances. A third alternative that many people prefer today is to sell their scrap whitegoods to a professional recycling company.

For further details about what scrap whitegoods are and how to recycle them, consult with Melbourne Metal Recycling. We are one of the largest independently owned scrap metal recyclers in Melbourne. Our company buys and sells all grades of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal, including your unwanted whitegoods.