Regular Bin Collection Services for Regular Metal Scraps That Need to Be Collected

Blog | September 15th, 2017

Recycling non-ferrous and ferrous metals is an effective way to help the environment today. Not only will you prevent the scraps from rotting in landfills where they can taint the soil and even the ground water, but many times, the metals can be transformed into new products and reduce the need for mining raw materials. The latter also saves energy, which is eco-friendly. Melbourne Metal Recycling is a reputable, fair recycling company to deal with, and you can receive cash for scrap metal when you bring it to us, we will pick it up or we also arrange regular bin collections services when you have ongoing scrap that needs recycling.

Types of Scrap Metal That We Buy

The first thing that you need to understand about our company is that we purchase a wide array of scrap metals, including:

• Bronze
• Brass
• Copper Radiators
• Copper – Domestic, Candy and Milberry
• Stainless steel
• Electric Motors
• Alternators
• Starter Motors
• Steel
• Aluminium wheel rims, sheeting, extrusion and more
• Scrap cars
• PVC in electric cables
• Radiators
• Machinery
• Batteries
• Lead
• Appliances
• More types of scrap metal

You Can Bring the Scrap Metal By Our Shop in Person

If you wish, you can bring the scrap metal to our location in person. You may wish to do this at least once to see our operation and setup. There are times that you may need our assistance with large items such as a car, and we do provide pickup service at those times.

We Provide Regular Bin Collection Services

When you have an ongoing accumulation of scrap metals, you may wish to take advantage of our regular bin collection services. We will deliver bins to you and pick them up when you fill them either on an on-call basis or a scheduled basis. This will make recycling convenient for you since you will not need to interrupt your busy day. You can select the size of bins that suit your scrap metal needs in the best fashion. When our drivers come to pick up your bins, they will deliver empty ones.

Feel free to browse through our Melbourne Metal Recycling site to learn addition facts about our business, services and the items that we accept. We help you do your part to reduce the carbon footprint, and at the same time, you can make extra money doing it. Whether you have a few small scraps, a large metal object of some type, a car or ongoing scraps that call for our regular bin collection services, we are the place to come to sell your scrap metal.