Save the Oceans by Recycling and Selling Your Scraps to Reputable Recyclers

Blog | November 22nd, 2018

Every year, more and more waste is being produced that will end up in landfills. In fact, much of the waste meant for landfills find its way into our waterways and the ocean. While plastic is notorious as the main culprit in polluting landfills and the oceans, unwanted metals are also a factor.

The types of trash and debris that end up in landfills are the same types that endanger our oceans, but unlike landfills, trash and debris that reach the ocean and waterways pollute and harm marine life. Even debris from landfills can overflow and enter streams, rivers, and waterways that will eventually reach the ocean, such as paper, plastic, crude oil, and metals.

Waste and debris generated by humans can kill marine animals, such as birds, turtles, fish, and marine mammals; that is because they mistake trash as food and will consume it, which ends up blocking their digestive system or choking them to death. There are many ways people can help prevent plastics and paper from polluting the oceans, but people can also help to keep metals out of the ocean too, by recycling.

Metals can also be a source of pollution. Most metals that end up in landfills are from old automobiles, or machinery parts that contain or have oil, grease, and lubricants on them. Motor oil, grease, and lubricants can seep into the ground, and when heavy rain falls these pollutants seep deeper into the earth through porous spaces and cracks, which can then contaminate groundwater and water ways, such as streams, rivers, and lakes, and will eventually reach the ocean.

To prevent this from happening, it is advised to recycle and sell scrap metals, such as old automobiles and machinery parts to reputable recyclers, such as Melbourne Metal Recycling.

Metal Recycling in Melbourne 

At Melbourne Metal Recycling, we specialise in buying and selling all types and grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Recycling old machinery and automobiles is a great way to earn extra money and help out the environment at the same time, by keeping them out of landfills.

Recycling an old car is easy, simply call Melbourne Metal Recycling and tell us the make and model of your car, running or not, and we will come and pick it up. In fact, regardless of the condition of your vehicle, we will pay you for it and haul it away.

Because old cars and machinery are common sources of pollutants, selling them to reputable recyclers at Melbourne Metal Recycling can help protect the ocean, our water ways, and groundwater.