Scrap Metal Recycling Helps Reduce Air Pollution

Blog | October 3rd, 2019

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Those three words have helped inspire energy conservation around the world. Having said that, there are plenty of ways to help the environment while also helping yourself. Here at Melbourne Metal Recycling, we like to keep our readers informed. Today, we are going to discuss the impact that scrap metal recycling can have on air pollution. We’ll also explore a few other ways that scrap metal recycling can positively impact your life, your neighbourhood, and the world around you.

Scrap Metal Recycling: Impact on Air Pollution

Let’s start by taking a look through our garage. Do you see any metal components that are simply taking up space? Do you have an old car that you no longer wish to drive? Do you have a broken refrigerator or washing machine? How about some old roofing material? No matter what your scrap metal is, you’ll find numerous benefits to recycling your scrap metal. From clearing up some space in your garage to adding a few bucks to your wallet, getting rid of your scrap metal makes a ton of sense. In fact, recycling your scrap metal can even help to save the world!

1) Reduce Air Pollution – First and foremost, by recycling your scrap metal, you are working toward a cleaner world. Recycling scrap metal helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also cutting down on natural resource mining. When you recycle your scrap metal, you put said metal back into the production loop. When your metal is reused, you save a mining company from needing to unearth more. So, not only are you reducing air pollution by providing more material, you are reducing pollution by minimising our need for metal altogether!

2) Energy Conservation – Not only are we attacking air pollution when we recycle scrap metal, but we are also preserving massive amounts of energy. According to researchers and environmental advocates, recycling a single aluminium can will help to save enough energy to power a light bulb for four hours. Now, imagine how much energy you can conserve when you recycle your scrap refrigerator, car, or metal junk? We are talking about a serious impact on energy use locally and internationally.

3) Job Creation – Finally, recycling scrap metal can also lead to an economic boom in your neighbourhood. Recycling metal creates significantly more jobs than simply sending your metal to an incinerator or landfill. Why not save the world while helping your fellow earn a living?

Recycling scrap metal has numerous advantages. Make sure that you get the most out of your recycling endeavours by calling on our team at Melbourne Metal Recycling!