Scraps You Might Have Hidden in Your Garage for a Long Time Could Mean Cash

Blog | February 25th, 2019

If you are similar to other homeowners, you are looking for ways to make extra cash to meet your expenses, stash in the bank, upgrade your house, or splurge on a night out or a shopping trip. In your search, you may overlook a valuable resource for this extra money, namely various recyclable items in your garage. These even may be hidden from your view or you may consider them scraps in your garage that you plan on disposing of one day. We are here to point out the following examples of the scraps that you can sell to our company, Melbourne Metal Recycling, for cash.

Unwanted Cars

You can sell an unwanted car to us and receive from $100.00 to $9900.00 depending upon the condition and age of your car. Also, our company will buy any make or model of car. We even offer free car removal if you cannot transport it to us on your own. After we purchase your vehicle, we sell parts from it to those who need to save on car repairs or at times, we sell the entire car. This keeps unwanted cars from being useless and from polluting the environment while they slowly rot.

Electric Motors

Do not overlook that electric motor sitting in the corner of your garage since it can also bring you some extra cash. Various elements of this type of motor can be recycled and at times, the motors can be rebuilt by people with the right skills, and these people will turn to us to purchase your used electric motor.

Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Scrap Metal

We also will pay you for any non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal that you may want to get out of your garage. Below, we provide you examples of each category:

• Non-ferrous metals include metals that do not contain iron, such as aluminium, aluminium alloy, lead, copper, stainless steel, brass, electrical cables and zinc.

• Ferrous metals, on the other hand, contain iron and include such ones as wrought iron, carbon steel, steel, alloy steel and cast iron.


Melbourne Metal Recycling buys various types of machinery from garden equipment to construction machinery. If the machines contain toxic elements, we will dispose of these in a proper, safe manner. We will sell off the parts or the entire machines to others at a discounted price in comparison to new ones.

Scrap Whitegoods

Whitegoods are appliances such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves and more, and we will buy the ones of yours that are taking up space in your garage. Instead of just disposing of them, sell them to us so that we can give them a second life in one manner or another.

For further details about the types of scraps you might have hidden in your garage that you can make extra cash by selling to us, feel free to browse through our website or to drop by our location. We will explain what we will and will not buy from you.