Things That Auto Wreckers and Scrap Dealers Can Do for You

Blog | February 14th, 2017

Today, with recycling being on the increase, auto wreckers and scrap dealers play an important in this eco-friendly activity. They will provide a venue for vehicle and metal recycling, removal of unwanted cars and large loads of scrap metal, and even offer you cash for these elements. With their assistance, you can clean up your property and remove all the eyesores from it. By doing this, you will maintain or increase the value of your home, business or vacant parcel of land.

Removal of Cars

Scrap dealers and auto wreckers will come to your property to pick up your unwanted vehicle for free. Regardless of the make, model, age or condition of the car, they will haul it off for you. You can remove unwanted, junk, wrecked, smashed, new or old cars with just one phone call.

Bins for Large Loads of Scrap Metal

While you can drop your scrap metal off in person at the facilities of the auto wreckers and scrap dealers, if the load is too large for you to bring in on your own, they will drop a bin off at your property to pick up later. Load up the bin at your convenience and then call them to come retrieve it.

Cash for Cars or Scrap Metal

Scrap dealers and auto wreckers will give you cash for your vehicles along with your scrap metal. You can even call for a quote on the cars. The offer will range from $100 to $9900 depending upon your specific vehicle. If you accept the offer, you can arrange a pick up time that is convenient to you. Offers for scrap metal will vary depending upon the type of metal and size of the load. Other items such as batteries, machinery and radiators also are recyclable with the auto wreckers and scrap dealers.

Same Day Pickup

As a courtesy, this type of business will offer same day pickup when you call early enough in the day to arrange it since one is local to your area. The company will have a certain territory that it covers with its free pickup service.

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