What are the Benefits of Recycling Aluminium?

Blog | June 26th, 2018

Aluminium plays an integral role in the manufacturing of cans, boats, vehicles, outdoor furniture, windows, doors, airplanes and other items. With it being such a useful metal, many of the items made from it can wind up in landfills after usage when one is not environmentally aware. We say this due to the fact that aluminium is highly recyclable into other goods and never should be disposed of in the landfills. In fact, you and the World will reap the following benefits when you recycle your unwanted aluminium items.

You Reduce the Need for Mining When You Recycle Aluminium

When you recycle aluminium, you lower the need for mining raw ore to refine additional aluminium. Bauxite is the primary ore that contains a mix of hydrous aluminium oxides necessary to refine aluminium for manufacturing purposes.

Recycling Aluminium Saves Energy

Since raw ore requires an exorbitant amount of energy to process into usable aluminium, recycling this metal saves on energy. Typically, once the ore is processed to extract the aluminium oxides from it, the aluminium is combined with other metals to form an aluminium alloy.

Keeps the Aluminium Out of Landfills

Another benefit of recycling aluminium is that you keep it out of landfills where it would take a long time to decompose. It is such a waste to treat used aluminium items this way when you dispose of them since they are so highly recyclable.

You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Earn Money

The World will benefit from you recycling aluminium since you will reduce your personal carbon footprint. Just think about how much difference this makes when a lot of people practice the same recycling as you do with aluminium. Also, you can earn a bit of cash by recycling aluminium to a professional recycling company.

Helps Meet the Increased Demand for Aluminium Products

Aluminium is such a popular metal for manufacturing that keeping up with the increased demand for it is a true challenge. Without recycling it, the challenge may reach an insurmountable level. Therefore, you help to meet the ever-increasing needs for aluminium when you simply recycle it.

Aluminium Can Be Recycled Repeatedly without Issues

The ability to recycle the aluminium never ends since you can recycle each product made from new and used aluminium. This fact makes it an extremely sustainable metal.

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