Why Should You Bring Scrap Batteries to Authorised Recyclers?

Blog | June 20th, 2017

Today, numerous pieces of machinery and gadgetry rely on batteries for power, including such ones as vehicles, tractors, laptops, tablets, hearing aids, watches and mobile phones. Since batteries do not last forever, it is easy to imagine how many times you must change them out for new ones. As useful as the batteries are, they are dangerous in the landfills if you dispose of them as you do other trash since they can release various toxins into the soil. For this reason and others, you should recycle all your scrap batteries through an authorised recycler.

An In-Depth Look Into the Reasons to Recycle Scrap Batteries

Batteries contain lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, zinc, lithium or a combination of these elements depending upon the type that you are using in a given device or piece of machinery. All of these elements are non-renewable, but are recyclable an unlimited amount of times into new batteries or other products. When you recycle batteries rather than throw them in the landfills, you help reduce the raw materials it requires to replace the elements that they contain.

Many of the elements in batteries pose a health hazard for human and negatively affect the environment as they decompose in landfills. The reason for this is that cadmium, mercury and lead along with the other elements can leach into the soil and seep into the ground water that leads to the water supply for not only humans, but also for livestock and wildlife. This is another crucial reason to dispose of the batteries through professional recyclers to ensure that they stay out of the traditional waste system. Please, help protect Australia for future generations by recycling your old batteries in the proper manner.

Only Authorised Recyclers Understand the Right Process for Recycling Scrap Batteries

You should not trust novices when recycling batteries. Only professional, authorised recyclers understand the right process to turn to ensure that the batteries stay out of landfills. Also, local regulations dictate the actions of these recyclers. Research the recyclers in your area and only turn to the ones with the right qualifications.

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